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Bubba Watson, one of the most untraditional golfers on the PGA Tour, was the surprise winner of the 2012 Masters Tournament. But golf isn’t Watson’s top priority. Last month Watson’s Tweeted before his final round: “Most important things in my life- 1. God 2. Wife 3. Family 4. Helping others 5. Golf”

Why It Matters: Christians have always been involved in professional sports, so why is the faith of superstars like Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin, and Bubba Watson suddenly getting the public’s attention? Perhaps it’s because these athletes are open and unapologetic about their willingness to share the Gospel. They also keep their priorities in order, winsomely admitting that their life’s callings are secondary to serving the Creator who has called them. To a culture that is both obsessed and disillusioned with fame and fortune, the centered perspective of these superstars provides a refreshingly countercultural witness. (from article here)

Miraculous shot at Masters

PGA Tour logoThe shot from the woods launched by Bubba Watson is definitely one that will stand the test of time with numerous people still saying “Huh?” after the Masters a week ago.

With so many people still bearing that quizzical look, the next logical step was to turn to a player and instructor, a logical choice being two-time PGA of Canada Club Professional champion Danny King, who also teaches at the Performance Academy at Magna in Aurora.

King’s response? ‘Don’t ask me.’

“Everything was wrong from an instructional point of view” said King. “He’s got zero balance. Both toes are facing towards the target and his arms are above his head, so everything’s unorthodox.”

“Unorthodox” is the key word over “wrong,” stressed King.

“It was a closed club face, inside path and just hitting down on it so hard. He’s got a very unorthodox grip, too. It’s not something you teach,” King said. “It works for him like it would work for Moe Norman. No one swung it like Moe. No one’s going to swing it like Bubba Watson. It’s just through repetition that he’s developed that golf swing,” said King.

“He’s got more imagination — his mechanics are obviously good for him to win — but he’s got such an imagination that he creates all these shots,” added King.

“It’s not like he hasn’t done it before. It’s confidence. His whole gait is different. The way he walks, he looks different. He just walks confidently, kind of to his own beat, that’s for sure.”

In Bubba’s wake, he’s left the patrons scratching their heads, the sure sign of a shot that won’t soon be forgotten.

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