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Theaters want to ditch the rating system. Money & “homosexual art” the primary drivers for increasingly ignored “no children allowed” NC-17 movie ratings. Another step towards a deeper societal depravity. Details in the audio.

20131211-215529.jpg – The Briefing 11-08-13. Listen to full audio here.

So it’s confirmed, even by the Wall Street Journal – family mealtime is critically important. Many indicators show this & it is as clear as can be – and even has a cumulative benefit. Funny (or sad) how plain truths like this take so long to be “scientifically proven”. Listen to audio above for more details.

How many other plain truths are we holding back on for “scientific certification” before we’ll give it our full commitment? …if this plays a part at all. Maybe the “scientism culture” isn’t so much something that people would be allied behind if it actually presents an “inconvenient truth”? – The Briefing 09-24-13. Listen to full audio here.

U.S. probes use of antipsychotic drugs on children.

If you thought kids are being put on Ritalin etc too often, you are obviously right. Reality is sinking in slowly, or maybe not so slowly in the psychiatric profession. Listen to audio below.

Extracts: Prescription of powerful anti-psychotic drugs for children has tripled. 1 in 10 Americans prescribed anti-depressants, including 1 in 4 women in 40s and 50s. Use of ADHD drugs increased by 50% in England.



Federal health officials have launched a probe into the use of antipsychotic drugs on children in the Medicaid system, amid concern that the medications are being prescribed too often to treat behavioral problems in the very young.

Some doctors say there is too much emphasis on medicating children instead of working with them and their caregivers to understand what is triggering their behavior. Dr. Glenn Saxe, chairman of child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU-Langone Medical Center and a proponent of trauma-focused therapy, says psychiatry has missed “big opportunities to help children. This problem has led to kids being medicated more and more.”
Dr. Siles agrees that lots of children could be helped by trauma-centered therapy, “but there is no budget for it.”

Government Medicaid data indicate that some of the prescriptions are being written for very young children. An analysis by Mathematica found that in 2008, 19,045 children age 5 and under were prescribed antipsychotics through Medicaid.

Government Medicaid data indicate that some of the prescriptions are being written for very young children. An analysis by Mathematica found that in 2008, 19,045 children age 5 and under were prescribed antipsychotics through Medicaid, 3% of recipients under 20, up from 7,759 in 1999, according to James Verdier, a senior fellow at the organization.

Data from the inspector general’s five-state probe indicate that 482 children 3 and under were prescribed antipsychotics during the period in question, including 107 children 2 and under. Six were under a year old, including one listed as a month old. The records don’t indicate the diagnoses involved.

Texas said about five children under the age of 1 had been prescribed antipsychotics during the time period of the probe, including two who were five months old.

Dr. Stephen Cha, a chief medical officer at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the HHS agency that foots some of the bill for drugs prescribed to Medicaid recipients, says the government wants to reduce what he termed “the unnecessarily high utilization of antipsychotics.” He urges doctors to consider other approaches, including therapy to help children and families cope with psychological trauma that could be at the root of behavior issues. – Source : Wall Street Journal



The Briefing 08-16-13. Listen to full audio here.

Obama: “our daughters need abortion to fulfill their dreams”!? Life action needed! “” – 10min

‘Pro-choice’ caller : “…baby in womb doesn’t have same right to life?”. Why?! Refuses to answer tricky question – 09min

Abortion ok in rape cases? Raped women calls & says no – 04min

Abortion: The ultimate statement of female empowerment?!! – 06min

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The following ad was printed in the Canadian National Post. Most of you (if you’re not living in the US) would be shocked that these things are taught to kids of this age.

…the above audio continues to discuss, according to secular reasoning why / if polygamy is worse than homosexuality.

…and then they apologised for printing the ad! 😦

There is immense pressure (as can be seen from this article “Homosexual agenda can’t make ‘fearless one’ tremble”) from the pro-gay lobby in the US & Canada. This is why an ad like this is not allowed to run unchallenged.

“What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” – Isaiah 5:20

Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

How sad is this – a reflection of the desperate our society is in, as is mentioned at the end of the audio clip discussing this. Everybody is “too scared to interfere” – understandably, considering the article “Homosexual agenda can’t make ‘fearless one’ tremble” as an example. What if you’re branded a homophobe, fired etc? Thankfully this gay propaganda (and I’m not in the mood to tippy-toe around this issue) isn’t pervasive all around the world yet, but America is very effective in exporting their ideologies – thanks mostly to Hollywood I’m sure.

LA Times: McInerney shot King in a school computer lab at E.O Green Junior High in Oxnard in February 2008, after days of conflict between the boys. Students and teachers at the trial testified that King had been dressing in women’s accessories and wearing makeup, and was flirting aggressively with male students on campus who did not want the attention.

School administrators sent a memo advising teachers to give King his space, but to report safety problems. Teachers at the trial testified that when they tried to report growing tensions between King and several boys, school leaders shunned them.

The victim’s mother, Dawn King, revealed for the first time Monday that she had contacted school officials four days before the shooting in an effort to solicit their cooperation in toning down her son’s behavior. The boy had been taken from the Kings’ home two months earlier by authorities because of problems at home.

She said she was told that her son had a civil right to explore his sexual identity.

“I knew, gut instinct, that something serious was going to happen,” she said. “They should have contained him, contained his behavior.”

Prosecutors said the first trial showed that the case was too emotional to take to trial a second time.

“The first jury was unable to keep their emotions out of it,” Ventura County Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. Mike Frawley said. “This really tugged powerfully at people’s hearts.”

See also: “Brandon McInerney gets 21 years: School faulted in gay teen slaying

Listen to full audio here.

How this is motivated by the activists for this indoctrination. Be aware. Resist it.

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.