1. nizigiyimana says:

    It’s a surprise for me to find a site like this talking about Israel the blessed nation but with so many enemies.I want to know much more about Israel.Please let me be one of yours and share those hot and interesting prophetical news with me . As I lead a christian ministry I will share with friends .I am jean paul from Burundi

    • Servant says:

      Hi. Great to hear of your interest in Israel. Israel is really a clear way of seeing God’s hand at work in the world today. The odds against Israel are astounding, now as ever (just look how many UN resolutions unjustly condemned Israel), but God set Israel apart as a Holy nation for Himself – not that they are sinless, but holy – which roughly means “set apart”. You may be aware of the miraculous deliverance in the Israeli wars – no other words than miracle would do. Also, the ingathering of the Jews is happening in front of our eyes – like God promised, that He would scatter & regather them. Israel is a major indicator of where we are (approximately) in the last days. Unprecedented things are happening in our day. If you need pointers to resources on this topic, let me know. Blessings, in Him! Shalom. 😉

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