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For entertainers, selling their souls have become a matter of survival in the tabloid-driven media market.
Where does it end…?


The origins of the word “amusement” or “amuse” tell an interesting story…




It tells us:

People of the world, you are being distracted from what matters & lied to.


Audio source: – The Briefing 10-28-13. Listen to full audio here.

There are preachers that are teaching this. How do they figure this makes sense? …audio below.

More information on hyper-grace in this video:

Line of Fire Radio – Listen to full audio here.

In the audio above Dr Michael Brown strongly denounces, like many other leaders, this bogus coronation ceremony.

Long, the controversial pastor of a Georgia-based megachurch, was anointed ‘king’ in a ceremony that has outraged some Jewish community leaders, the Associated Press reported.

The video, filmed at a service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, shows Messianic preacher Rabbi Ralph Messer instructing two men to wrap Long in a Torah. Then, Long is seated in a chair, covered in a prayer shawl while holding the sacred scroll and lifted by four men.

“He now is raised up from a commoner to a kingship,” Messer says in the video, as the men walk Long’s seat through the crowd.

Several Jewish leaders and religious scholars have spoken out against the ceremony, saying that Ralph Messer is not a representative Messianic Judaism or the religion as a whole.

Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

How this is motivated by the activists for this indoctrination. Be aware. Resist it.

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.