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Obama keeps pushing the envelope as the most aggressively pro-death / pro-abortion president of America. – The Briefing. Listen to full audio here.

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…yes, the rights of the born. If an abortion is a ‘failure’, ‘Planned Parenthood’ wants to ensure there are no rights of medical attention afforded to the newborn baby, on the table, struggling for life.

Can you see where worldly wisdom leads us? – The Briefing. Listen to full audio here.

Why do killers on death row get special treatment like mentioned  here?

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Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

Obama: “our daughters need abortion to fulfill their dreams”!? Life action needed! “” – 10min

‘Pro-choice’ caller : “…baby in womb doesn’t have same right to life?”. Why?! Refuses to answer tricky question – 09min

Abortion ok in rape cases? Raped women calls & says no – 04min

Abortion: The ultimate statement of female empowerment?!! – 06min

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How many people care about the fate of the unborn? VERY FEW. Audio elaborates. Make sure you see & share the video at the bottom.

Pictures speak louder than words in this case… and sometimes more shocking pictures are necessary to wake us up, but these are mild.

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The “180” Movie – Murder of the weak & defenceless.
Abortion. 50 million abortions have occurred to date; the “American Holocaust”. Within days, “180” had over half a million views on YouTube.

180 Movie Preview : Pro-Choice to Pro-Life . . . in Seconds!

Full 180 Movie (publicly available on YouTube)

“180” The full Interview with Alicia …and how this interview was a ‘strange coincidence’ in her life.

Line of Fire Radio