call for debate & in-depth jewish answers to questions about Yeshua (aka Jesus)

Posted: October 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

A call for a debate on some key issues! See also: The debate that embarrassed Tovia Singer (05min audio extract).

Was Jesus really Jewish? God is one, not three! How can God have a son? How could a literal virgin birth be true?! Well, the (Jewish) JPS Commentary on Genesis doesn’t deny it happened in a different context involving fallen angels & women! And what of this “human sacrifice for sin” … the God of Israel won’t accept that right? …well, check on the topic of “the death of the righteous atoning for sin” – and of course, check Isaiah 53!

It’s all there, all covered plainly & comprehensively below. Let’s face the facts!

Thorough Answers To Objections to Yeshua / Jesus from Jewish Sources

real messiah answers

Watch Debates with Famous Rabbis

Debates with famous Rabbis

Lesser Known Facts in Jewish Scriptures

secrets in jewish scriptures

Call for (another) Debate with Tovia Singer. He has refused to debate for over 20 years! Why another debate? Details here.

singer brown debate

  1. stephen kyalo says:

    Yeshua is indeed the Jewish Mashiach

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