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Dawkins: “Congress members must be faking religious belief to be elected … they are intelligent, after all…” ?!?

How is that for arrogance.

Reasonable Faith Podcast – The “Unbelievers” Movie. Listen to full audio here.


New legislation to give chimps more ‘human-like’ protections … because, they say, there is “no hard & fast line that separates chimpanzees from people”. We then also get the argument in reverse to try draw that line that was just ‘erased’ a few sentences ago.

Does the materialistic worldview have any other logical conclusion?

20130625-193039.jpg – The Briefing. Listen to full audio here.

An “illegal” graduation speech & prayer sparks roaring applause. Listen to audio below.

How many people (in several generations) has God raised up to bring about massive change in history? Think about it… Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus.

After the school district ruled that a prayer was no longer going to be performed at any school functions including graduation, (prayer was replaced with a moment of silence) valedictorian Roy Costner adds the Lords prayer into his speech, with the crowed showing tons of support.

Line of Fire Radio – 06.10.13 It Only Takes One. Listen to full audio here.

What if your most valuable, character-building day in your entire life was the day you went fishing with your dad & your dad’s journal is found many years later, with the entry for that day as: “Went fishing with my son today. A day wasted.

May God help us to value the things we may see as “little”, but mean the world to our “little ones”!


Line of Fire Radio – “It Only Takes One”. Listen to full audio here.

20130609-222328.jpgWhy celebrity coverage now is considered to be news, if you were wondering. Barbra Walters, recently retired, had something to do with it. “Classic & valuable” news, just seemingly, didn’t have the entertainment value people were after. Listen below.

MSNBC also admits they are not good at actual news coverage, e.g. breaking news. What do they say they do well? Liberal political commentary – exclusively, apparently. Interesting. – The Briefing 06-04-13. Listen to full audio here.

Sound like “The Matrix” to you? Well, the “harvesting” of these humans, in the news, is not for electricity, as in the movie & they also don’t live as long, but harvesting it is & young women are in short supply to provide the eggs for “The Real Matrix”. It’s not ‘pretend’, except if you think human embryos ‘pretend’ to live before they are killed around the normal age when they would have been implanted for in vitro fertilization.

Listen below & add your thoughts if you have a comment.

20130603-204955.jpg – The Briefing 05-29-13. Listen to full audio here.