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An “illegal” graduation speech & prayer sparks roaring applause. Listen to audio below.

How many people (in several generations) has God raised up to bring about massive change in history? Think about it… Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus.

After the school district ruled that a prayer was no longer going to be performed at any school functions including graduation, (prayer was replaced with a moment of silence) valedictorian Roy Costner adds the Lords prayer into his speech, with the crowed showing tons of support.

Line of Fire Radio – 06.10.13 It Only Takes One. Listen to full audio here.


Line of Fire Radio – From the Quran to the Pentagon. Listen to full audio here.

Court-martial Chaplains who talk about Jesus, says Pentagon! May 2, 2013

A Pentagon spokesman has just said in writing that Christian troops will be punished and court-martialed if they dare to talk about their personal faith in Jesus Christ.

“Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense,” LCDR Nate Christensen said in a written statement. He declined to say if any chaplains or service members had been prosecuted for such an offense.

“Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the outcome in specific cases,” he said.

So let me get this straight. If a chaplain preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in counseling or in the chapel, and anybody is offended, the chaplain can be punished in writing?

THIS HAPPENED TO ME. In 2005 my commander downgraded my evaluation and nearly ended my chaplain career, in writing. My C.O. illegally punished me for quoting “exclusive” Bible verses like John 3:36 in the base chapel during optionally attended Christian worship. The Navy lawyers claimed commanders can punish chaplains for religious speech, and they did, but they broke the law and violated their oath to the Constitution.

So let me get this straight. If a chaplain is ordered to stop praying “in Jesus’ name” outside of Sunday chapel, and the chaplain disobeys by praying in Jesus’ name in uniform and worshipping in public, they can be sent to court-martial for disobeying orders?

THIS HAPPENED TO ME. In 2006 as a Navy Chaplain I faced misdemeanor court-martial and was found guilty of “worshipping in public” in my uniform, outside of Sunday chapel. I was later vindicated by Congress, who rescinded the same bad policy for which I was punished. All proof documents are posted here. I won the policy war, but lost my career.

Now if Congress does not intervene, and protect military chaplains and troops’ right to pray “in Jesus’ name” and freedom for all our troops to freely speak of their faith or preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to their peers without coercion but with freedom to convert and voluntarily change religion, whether in counseling or in church or in their barracks, THEN THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION IN THE MILITARY, and the Constitution is dead. The systematic anti-Christian persecution has now begun in earnest. – Source

Students were given no option except putting forward a “convincing argument” about why Jews are the source of problems in the world. Just an academic “thought experiment”? …just like the one also mentioned of kids having to write the name of Jesus on paper & stomping on it!? The unthinkable horror – forced blasphemy at school? How far have we descended into the abyss? – The Briefing. Listen to full audio here.



Seems like an April’s fool joke, maybe it once could have been. Not in 2013 and beyond – likely more like the twilight zone. Have a listen…

From military material:

A U.S. Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief describes “Evangelical Christianity” and “Catholicism” as examples of “religious extremism,” according to the Archdiocese for the Military Services and the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, who shared a copy of the documents with The Christian Post.

Listed alongside “extremist” groups and organizations like the Klu Klux Klan and al-Qaida, the U.S. Army slideshow has “Evangelical Christianity” as the first bullet, followed by the Muslim Brotherhood, Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and farther down on the slide, Catholicism.

Below the slide (image above part of a slideshow presentation) there is the following accompanying text that condemns any religion that believes that it is the only “right way” and that believes that other religions are wrong…

Extremism is a complex phenomenon; it is defined as beliefs, attitudes, feelings, actions, or strategies of a character far removed from the “ordinary.” Because “ordinary” is subjective, no religious group would label itself extreme or its doctrine “extremism.” However, religious extremism is not limited to any single religion, ethnic group, or region of the world; every religion has some followers that believe that their beliefs, customs and traditions are the only “right way” and that all others are practicing their faith the “wrong way,” seeing and believing that their faith/religion superior to all others. – Source

Audio from: “American War Against Religious Faith”. Line of Fire Radio, Listen to full audio here.

No sinners need fear condemnation for or recognition of sin in much the “church” of modernity. Listen to the poem above & longer audio segment after that that asks the question “can you be saved if you never truly knew you were lost?”

See also: What is the gospel? Do you understand it?

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

The decision of the Girl Scouts of America to admit Bobby Montoya, a boy (yes, a boy in the Girl Scouts) has met with considerable controversy.  Several southern scout troupes have dissolved their charters in protest.

A girl, identified as Taylor, caused major headlines by calling for a Girl Scout USA boycott, in a YouTube video, based on this issue.

“Right now, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A…is not being honest with us girls, its troops, its leaders, its parents or the American public. Girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience. With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls. I am asking you to take action with me and boycott Girl Scout Cookies. I ask all fellow Girl Scouts who want a true, all-girl experience not to sell any Girl Scouts cookies until GSUSA (Girl Scouts of the USA) addresses our concerns. I ask all parents who want their girls to be in a safe environment to tell their leaders why you will not allow your girls to make any more money for GSUSA.”

The video was prompted by the case of Bobby Montoya, whose mother told a CNN affiliate in October that a troop leader initially told her that Bobby couldn’t join the troop because Bobby “has boy parts,” even though her child identifies as a girl. The Girl Scouts of Colorado blamed the initial decision to exclude the child on ignorance of the scouts’ policy. The state scouts said Bobby was welcome to join Girl Scouts. “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout,” said the Colorado Girl Scouts, in a statement to a CNN affiliate.

This clip has since been removed from YouTube – likely due to persecution from the increasingly violent American pro-gay, pro-LGBT lobby. You can speak freely in America, as long as you promote non-biblical sexual views. For more information, from “Girl Scouts for girls”-perspective see the Honest Girl Scouts site.

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

Line of Fire interview:

University Q&A #1:

University Q&A #2:

“…it is better to heed a wise man’s rebuke than to listen to the song of fools.” – Ecc 7:5

God does not condone this kind of behaviour. Men dressed as women is outright shameful… or it used to be. How did it change?

“What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” – Isaiah 5:20

Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

Miracle “dreams and visions” accounts mentioned in the audio – “the old man & the books”.

Christian leaders in Iran are grateful to find new converts often arriving convinced of their new faith already. How did they come to faith? Yes, through dreams and visions. Unlikely? Well, the God of Israel tends to operate in scenarios where the likelihood of success by natural means is very low. Also…

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.” Joel 2:28

Audio excerpt from Epicenter.

Line of Fire Radio