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The exaltation of Mary by the Roman Catholic church explored. Is there biblical support for this?

Can Mary ever be pictured on a throne like shown here? No.

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Consider the natural consequences of sin, the effect of salvation & the certainty necessary to remain worried about this kind of confession & when it may be prudent to confess this type of “generational sin”.

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Atheist teen prayer banner objection lands teen $44,000 scholarship!

A Rhode Island teen is learning that it pays to deny the existence of God: Prominent atheists plan to present Jessica Ahlquist with a scholarship of at least $44,000 — and possibly more.

It seems they were impressed with the way Ahlquist, 16, handled herself amid a roiling controversy that began in July 2010, when she complained about a prayer banner hanging in the auditorium at Cranston High School West that referred to “Our Heavenly Father.”

Is religious freedoms & freedom of speech and expressions under threat? Listen to audio…

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Michael Brown’s story of how he became probably the foremost Jewish Apologist of our time & how he interacted with rabbis in his early days, how he still does (in private) & how rabbis refuse to debate him because … “he’s a good debater”? Where are the good debaters of the Jewish world?

The site here was set up to encourage a debate between Brown & Rabbi Singer some time ago.

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Obama: “our daughters need abortion to fulfill their dreams”!? Life action needed! “” – 10min

‘Pro-choice’ caller : “…baby in womb doesn’t have same right to life?”. Why?! Refuses to answer tricky question – 09min

Abortion ok in rape cases? Raped women calls & says no – 04min

Abortion: The ultimate statement of female empowerment?!! – 06min

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Quote: Is “echad” the ideal word to express the Divine Unity? Chassidic teaching explains that “echad” explains a deeper unity than “yachid”. The oneness of “echad” is not undermined by plurality, indeed it employs plurality as the ingredients of unity!

Quite amazing isn’t it? …if you are aware of the background on this topic, that is. 🙂 Listen to the audio extract for the full quote, discussion & comment from another Chassidic Rabbi on this.

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Yes, his favourite music is the Muslim call to prayer. Strange isn’t it? But Aaron Klein still thinks he isn’t a Muslim. You make up your own mind.

Note the following that is said in this ‘call to prayer’ or the Adhan.

I testify that there is no god except Allah.
I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.


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