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16 minutes is as good as you’ll get before a tornado, so powerful it lifted tar off the roads. This is what that kind of storm does. If you’re not prepared, for this kind of event, where do you go? Up?

EF5 (T10+) damage represents the upper limit of tornado power, and destruction is almost always total. An EF5 tornado pulls well-built homes off their foundations and into the air before shredding them, flinging the wreckage for miles and sweeping the foundation clean. Very little recognizable structural debris is generated by EF5 damage, with most materials reduced to a coarse mix of small, granular particles and dispersed evenly across the tornado’s damage path. Large, multi-ton steel frame vehicles and farm equipment are often mangled beyond recognition and deposited miles away or reduced entirely to unrecognizable component parts. The official description of this damage highlights the extreme nature of the destruction, noting that “incredible phenomena will occur“; historically, this has included such awesome displays of power as twisting skyscrapers, levelling entire communities, and stripping asphalt from roadbeds. Despite their relative rarity, the damage caused by EF5 tornadoes represents a disproportionately extreme hazard to life and limb – Wikipedia

The movement of a tornado is determined by the motion of the generating thunderstorm. The average tornado moves at a speed of about 43 to 47 km per hour (27 to 29 miles per hour), but some have remained nearly stationary while others have traveled faster than 90 km per hour (55 miles per hour). In extreme cases, up to 120 km per hour. – Britannica

So, with the advanced science of 2013 that can even, apparently, tell you how creation happened up to the point of T = 0 (sic). See also this link if you clicked the previous one. It seems ironic that “the current average lead-time for tornado warnings is 13 minutes.” – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Unfair criticism of science? Well, science doesn’t have “feelings”. Maybe some that feel offended may lean too much towards scientism & that worldview won’t help you when you get your 13-minute alert.

Audio source: – The Briefing.


Intelligent Design The Future – Prof. John Lennox on His New Book Seven Days That Divide the World. Listen to full audio here.

How the media insists & thrives on hype vs. truth:

GENEVA — “We don’t call it the “God particle,” it’s just the media that do that,” a senior U.S. scientist politely told an interviewer on a major European radio station on Tuesday.

“Well, I am the from the media and I’m going to continue calling it that,” said the journalist — and continued to do so. Source

You would see many articles like this one “How the Higgs Boson Posits a New Story of our Creation“, which has no substance in empirical science – it merely does some “naturalist world view cheer-leading”, and at best illustrates the euphoria in the physicist scientific community after decades of trying to prove this – and actually well deserved for those that did this work i.e. the authentic empirical science involved here & don’t try to make this discovery more than it really is – i.e. confirmation of the standard model, and not anything else.
Making the implications of this discovery plain :

  1. The Higgs Boson or “god particle” is only applicable to the standard model of physics. Before the Higgs Boson particle was proven, the standard model of physics was not in doubt, it was trusted already and nobody tried to use it to “disprove religion” or endow this ‘potential particle’ with other massive significance.
  2. It is well known that the standard module of physics does not apply to the time when the “big bang” occurred (hence the subject of this post). Two other physics models apply then, except that they do not exist yet – the early versions of these potential models are called the Grand Unified Theory & Quantum Gravity Theory (during the Planck era or phase). See also “Physics beyond the Standard Model” & listen to the audio in this post further explains where these models fit in.
  3. Do you know why this particle even got the name “the god particle” in a book on this topic? You may be surprised to know (mentioned in audio).

Be sure to listen to the audio segments – you can download them here: segment one, and segment two or over at the Reasonable Faith site.

Also note that I’m not really dogmatic over young or old earth creation, even in the “old earth creation” model (i.e. a less literal reading of Genesis) can be very well supported through very detailed & authentic cosmological argumentation & reasoning – as in the book Reasonable Faith. See also the Kalam Cosmological Argument & responses to critiques thereof. I do lean towards literal interpretation, however.

When we consider the question of what “creation out of nothing” means, we have to consider that the “nothing” mentioned is much less than the drop in this cup, much less than what is in a brand new & empty cup. No air. …and in this line of reasoning even vacuums are not clearly permissible.

…for a sneak peek as to why…

If you say there is a vacuum in the flask, then you are affirming the existence of something in the flask – the vacuum. But since ‘vacuum’ means an absence of something, you are also denying that there is something in the flask. Therefore, ‘There is a vacuum in the flask’ is a contradiction.” – Nothingness ~ Stanford University

If that bends your head a bit – welcome to philosophy. It gets more fun as you get used to it. I can’t think of anyone better to explain the value of philosophy than William Lane Craig – check out the Reasonable Faith site.

“There is no such thing as nothingness, and zero does not exist. Everything is something. Nothing is nothing.” – Nothingness ~ Stanford University

So what did Lawrence Krauss do? Yes, he sneaked in something & pretended it is nothing, and wrote a book about it. A fellow blogger also posted a nice post about it here. People that don’t understand philosophy get tricked into believing clever sounding physicists in this way. Listen to the audio at the top to demystify this riddle. Enjoy. 🙂

Check out Reasonable Faith Podcast. Listen to full audio here.

Note what the waters represented in ancient Canaan culture & what it would have meant to the Canaanites (for example) for God to set the limits of the waters & it to be bound to obey God’s Word.

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.