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Recent New York tax revenue greed highlights a few things in the gambling conversation.

Most gambling revenue comes from slot machines. The way slot machines are designed are to stimulate a “flow experience” – satisfaction & excitement combined. These machines ruthlessly efficient in separating people from their money in the most psychologically pleasing way.

Also, what about “Christian gambling” & what this has to do with the Moody Bible Institute, if anything? Does the Bible say gambling is forbidden? Listen to the audio below.

20131109-093434.jpg – The Briefing 11-05-13. Listen to full audio here.

A major founding principle for Google was: “Don’t be evil”. Google management is now confused about what “evil” actually is – and says that the slogan is actually “the stupidest rule ever” according to the CEO. How about companies conveniently “outsourcing their ethics” to Google? Seems it is a reality today.

Interesting. Surprising in an exceedingly morally relativistic age? Hardly.

Listen to the discussion below.

20131107-205113.jpg – The Briefing 10-17-13. Listen to full audio here.

For entertainers, selling their souls have become a matter of survival in the tabloid-driven media market.
Where does it end…?


The origins of the word “amusement” or “amuse” tell an interesting story…




It tells us:

People of the world, you are being distracted from what matters & lied to.


Audio source: – The Briefing 10-28-13. Listen to full audio here.