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The French philosopher Jacques Ellul talked about “the technological imperative”, that is, once that technology exists it virtually demands to be used.

What does the “growing omnipresence of screens” do for reading in this digital age?

Recently a group of researchers at the New York University School of Medicine considered the difference that a screen makes. In other words, what’s the kind of attention that is required by listening into a classroom lecture, by reading a book, or by staring at a digital screen. One of the interesting things they discovered is that many children and young people who have attention deficit problems don’t have a problem staring at a screen and the reality is that the screen is giving them immediate gratification, immediate rewards, there are changes in pattern, there is movement on the screen. The child or the young person does not have to invest any kind of imagination in the task. The screen is providing everything for them. These researchers and pediatricians are beginning to wonder if the screen is not having a dramatic effect on the way that young people and for that matter, let’s just be honest many older people are having their brains taught to learn, and to think, and yes even to read.

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Does your preacher read? Does he write? What does that add up to? It makes sense if you think about it… – Thinking in Public.