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Hawaii welfare earns you more than entry level jobs do – and that’s not the only place where that happens. So… what does that incentivize? That the welfare government is elected again? The socialist weakness of a democratic system? How long is this kind of welfare imbalance sustainable – given demographic realities (see Demographic Winter)? Check out the audio segment above.


The Briefing – The Briefing 08-21-13. Listen to full audio here.

Budget failures in several nations (Greece, Italy), what does it tell us? Cutting $1.2 trillion from American budget by decision doesn’t seem to work – maybe by default (across the board cut) will.

Also, Spanish government failure. Average of 21% unemployment and for ages 20-25 years 47%. I thought Africa had bad numbers. What is wrong with the younger generation? Is it their fault? …likely more to do the parents & popular culture.

This post doesn’t try hard to fit these trends into the ‘stack trace trend line’, but you can be sure that all this fits. In a culture that doesn’t understand the “morality of debt” or “if anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat” these things should not be too surprising. The Bible tells us where this trajectory will lead.

Listen to full audio here.