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Quote: Is “echad” the ideal word to express the Divine Unity? Chassidic teaching explains that “echad” explains a deeper unity than “yachid”. The oneness of “echad” is not undermined by plurality, indeed it employs plurality as the ingredients of unity!

Quite amazing isn’t it? …if you are aware of the background on this topic, that is. 🙂 Listen to the audio extract for the full quote, discussion & comment from another Chassidic Rabbi on this.

Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.

After a talk to about 1000 scientists, John Lennox (PhD) explains to a physicist, that mocked Christianity, how his understanding of science is really much less grounded than he really thought.

What about Numbers 23 that says “God is not a man”? Did anybody see God in the Tanakh (i.e. Hebrew scriptures)? What happened in Exodus 24? “Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel went up and saw the God of Israel.”

Do you realise that the NT supports what most Jews think on this topic in 1 John 4:12 & John 1:18? – “No one has ever seen God”. How do we make sense of this then?

What about “the Trinity” & the Shema? What about the “10 Sefirot”, the Memra, Shekhinah & Ruach HaKodesh? Clearly there has been efforts to express an understanding of God’s essential nature, but how do those square up with the ‘picture’ God gives of Himself in the scriptures?

Part 1 – 13min :

Part 2 – 7min (“you saw no form” … or did they?) :

Part 3 – 7min (10 Sefirot, Isaiah 9) :

Part 4 – 10min (Memra, the ‘personified Word’ – link to Jewish Encyclopedia) :

Part 5 – 15min (Introduction to second segment) :

Part 6 – 4min (Midrash – How could the tabernacle contain God’s glory?) :

Listen to full audio here.

See also: God “has no form” because of the “13 principles of faith”? …and what of numbers 12:8 etc?