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Take some time to listen to the detailed discussion on this topic (also called “Christian particularism”) above, or download the audio segments below. Are Christians arrogant to think like this? If not, why not? Prepare for a thorough treatment of most of the questions you likely have had on this topic. You should find it reasonable & logically presented.

Check out the Defenders Podcast for the full audio series on Christian Particularism.

Note that in Part 2, when Dr Craig mentions “matters of fact” & “Darwinian evolution”, he does not imply that “Darwinian evolution” is anything like popular media presents it. He elaborates on evolution in some of his other material. He merely tries to contrast things that relate to facts (like the other examples he mentions, which also can’t be empirically proven in some cases i.e. “big bang”) and matters of taste, that fall totally outside of the realm of ‘provability’ since taste is implicitly subjective.

Download audio segments here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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