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Audio: A lecture touching on all these elements by John Lennox.

Bertrand Russell (British mathematician & philosopher) described a common materialist position when he said:

“Whatever knowledge is attainable, must be attainable by scientific methods, and what science cannot discover, mankind cannot know.”

Note, however, that this statement is extreme Scientism and that it is logically incoherent in itself. It is not a statement of science but an article of blind faith. Thus by its own assertion we cannot know if it is true. Note the use of the term “blind faith” because it likely describes a belief held in spite of evidence.

John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Oxford, observes that Scientism even denies the validity of any non-scientific fields such as philosophy, ethics, literature, poetry, art and music. He also said:

“Science can tell you that if you add strychnine to someone’s drink, it will kill her, but it cannot tell you whether it is morally right or wrong to put strychnine in your grandmother’s tea in order to get your hands on her property.”

It is, as obviously true to most people, possible to have such knowledge of right and wrong, even though it is clearly beyond the scope of science.

Should faith be based on evidence? Yes, but have you considered that people often lose faith in something in everyday life, as soon as emotions enter in, for no good reason? Why does seeming irrational fear grip us from time to time – when all rational reasoning & evidence up to that point should convince us otherwise?

What makes people lose their faith? Most due to reason & argument? Hardly.

The audio is an extract taken from “Mere Christianity”, probably the most famous book by C.S. Lewis.

Does Hitchens have the credentials to fully participate in a scholarly philosophical debate? Conversation with William Lane Craig on the details around this debate.

Note Hitchens’ surprise about the “new evidence for faith effort”, the ‘advances’ in apologetics, when there has been leaders in this field for many many years e.g. C.S. Lewis etc.

Reasonable Faith Podcast. Listen to full audio here.

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