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That’s right, how dare someone suggest that a man and a woman get married & have kids? How absurd? How foreign? Who would ever dream that children are born from a couple like this? I wonder … is LGBT ‘rights’ (…obviously there are no rights for the non-LGBT crowd if this kind of thing can happen) funded by the population control crowd? Ok, not seriously, but this is how unreal some of the news seems these days.

Full mural, including ‘offensive part’ shown at bottom of post.

The 17-year-Old Pilgrim High School Junior who painted the mural that depicted a husband, wife, and son that was deemed inappropriate by officials said the whole controversy is “ridiculous.”

Liz Bierendy told WPRO’s John DePetro that officials told her “that it may be offensive to some people because it is not how society views a family anymore because some people may not grow up with a mother and the whole marriage type thing may be a religious symbol.” Bierendy noted the school originally approved the sketch of the mural before she painted it.

Bierendy said she was upset when she was told that the mural may be offensive. “I felt bad because I didn’t want to offend anyone. I was scared that maybe it would go out to our homosexual community and I didn’t want them to get in an uprise because I was not trying to preach that’s the right thing to do at all,” Said Bierendy.

The section of the mural featuring the family was ordered painted over by school officials. Bierendy said she was notified prior but she was still “pretty upset.” The Superintendent of Warwick Schools Peter Horoschak has since stepped in and asked that the student be allowed to finish the mural however she sees fit.

Bierendy says she is going to take the weekend to “think about this,” and on Monday she will decide how to finish the mural. “If I was going to change it it would just be him and he would be an artist and he would be painting that part of his life,” she said.

Bierendy herself comes from a single parent family and says she did not mean anything by depicting a family unit as a man, woman, and child. “A family is a family,” she said.

In a statement released by Superintendent Peter Horoschak he said “some of the members of the Pilgrim High School community suggested that the depiction of a young man’s development from boyhood through adulthood as displayed may not represent the life experiences of many of the students at Pilgrim High School.” – Source

…on the population control topic. Some non-intuitive truth that you may not yet know…

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