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Discussion of how people absorb ‘The Shack’, the best-seller that made, and continues to make a theological impact in the minds of people – even as a fictional book.

Amazon rank #34 in Christianity category at the time of this post (considering 1st edition in 2007) & #1 in “Christian Mystery” category. Had 4500 reviews, an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars and about 15 million copies sold.

Full audio here & further commentary here: The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment and Shack Theology : Pervasive. Disturbing.

Credit where credit is due – it took some guts (in contemporary culture) to at least say “homosexuality is sin”. Any downsides to the rest of the interview content?

Line of Fire Radio.

…asked from the point of view of an evangelical Christian / Messianic Jew.

Line of Fire Radio, Part 1 (11 min)

Line of Fire Radio, Part 2 (2 min)

Podcasts – Aaron Klein