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Should we not mess with “holy science”? Should we just believe the earth is billions of years old and that “man-made global warming cause climate change”? Refer to the climategate scandal (among other things) in case you are not one of the growing number of sceptics on man-made-global warming. People that tell us the Bible is a piece of fiction and folklore also tell us that it’s good to be sceptical … *except* when you want to ‘blaspheme’ their God, called SCIENCE. Apparently this ‘god’ knows all truth & what cannot be revealed by ‘it’ cannot be known – just ask Sam Harris, he thinks so too (referring to his latest book at the time of this writing).

Well, Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins think they are very clever, but Dr Jonathan Sarfati can play blindfolded chess against both of them and 10 other people as well … simultaneously. Really. He also has a doctorate, like them, but he and his equally educated friends think that the earth is only a few thousand years old … like the Bible seems to indicate through the most plain sense of the text.

Listen to this to see if you really have reason to disagree.

Also interesting that in 2006, evolutionist administrators at Wikipedia attempted to turn the Wikipedia page about Sarfati into an attack piece. This went so far as to go to Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee.[7] After the evolutionists were not allowed to have their way, they twice tried to get the article deleted.[8][9]

Check out Line of Fire Radio. Listen to full audio here.