prof. john lennox on his new book seven days that divide the world – 17min

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Intelligent Design The Future – Prof. John Lennox on His New Book Seven Days That Divide the World. Listen to full audio here.

  1. Chris Perver says:

    We sell this book in our shop. Lennox is an excellent scholar, and I loved his debates with Dawkins. But I’m not really sure about this book. I did have a flick through it when it first came out, but he doesn’t really seem come to a firm conclusion about what exactly he believes.

    • Servant says:

      True. I haven’t finished the book. I assumed the conclusion is “old earth” creation. I use to strongly support young earth, but I am at peace with both options currently since other scholars I know are either “old earth” (e.g. William Craig) or inconclusive (e.g. Michael L Brown). I’ve heard that Genesis may be more to tell us about God than ‘exactly’ how creation happened. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      • Chris Perver says:

        I would agree that Genesis itself does not give a specific time period for when God created the universe, and that its intention is to tell us more of the order of creation than necessarily how it came about. But I do find it difficult to understand why Lennox would question the days being literal 24 hour days when the words evening and morning are mentioned. It is kind of hard to imagine the days being long periods of time when God could created vegetation on day 3, while pollinating animals like bees don’t arrive until day 5. I do think that Genesis 1:1 is a summary of God’s creative work, which is then described in the following verses.

        But that’s my own opinion. I wouldn’t fall out with anybody over the issue. But I do think Lennox’s book raises more questions than it answers. Thanks!

        • Servant says:

          Good point – it’s been a while since I studied the issue for myself, the evening & morning observation seems to make it pretty clear, as you suggest. Personally I favour the 24 hour view, but it’s not a debate I’m involved in at the moment – given that creation, old or young earth, is a win for theists. Guess I encounter more atheist topics in my apologetics-type encounters.

          It’s a given, I think, that human wisdom is bound to be ‘humiliated’ further when all is revealed, so I figure the 24 hour view is still very likely.

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