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Maybe there were a few debates that Tovia struggled with (example on YouTube below), but this one he didn’t want anyone to hear – listen to hear why.  Michael Brown honoured Tovia’s request to not release this embarrassing “surprise debate”.

Listen to the debate below to see if you think Tovia should agree to debate again – he likes debating laymen on the radio, but denies repeated offers of an academic debate.  If you would like to see this happen, vote here to get the petition to 250 votes – at the time of this writing, it is at 184 votes, from all over the world.  Let’s even take it to 1000 votes!  Let truth triumph!

Excerpted from Line of Fire Radio – 03.22.13 Dr. Brown Takes Calls and Questions.

…and if you didn’t know…

Did you know that Jesus was a Rabbi not a Reverend, that Christ wasn’t his last name but the Greek way of saying Messiah!

Did you know that Jesus original Hebrew name was Yeshua and child of Miriam not Mary, that his first followers were Jewish men with names like Yochanan and Yaakov and Yehudah, that the the letter of “James” was actually the letter of Jacob and the letter of “Jude” was actually the letter of Judah?

Did you know that the big controversy in the early church was not whether Jews could follow Yeshua and remain Jewish but whether Gentiles had to become Jews to follow him! After all the Jewish Messiah didn’t come to a establish a new religion called Christianity but to fulfill what was written in Moses and in the prophets!

So how then did we end up with two totally distinct religions Judaism and Christianity? See more below…

  1. Chris Perver says:

    Wonderful to hear of a Jewish man coming to know His Messiah. I have listened to Tovia on the Arutz Sheva radio broadcast on occasion. He seems a likeable man, but sadly has little love for Christianity or the Saviour.

    • Servant says:

      I also got to know Tovia from there. He started me on the mission of Jewish apologetics – raising the questions that I initially didn’t have answers to. God provided.

  2. Anonymous says:

    listen to entire debate and you`ll understand why Dr. Brown edited the tapes and why he attacks Tovia when he`s not there to answer…..

    • Servant says:

      The debate referred to is not publicly available. There is one debate audio available, but Tovia didn’t fare well in that one (either). You explain to me why Tovia etc now refuse to debate…?

    • Servant says:

      Edited tapes? That I’m ignoring. That sounds like baseless, unprovable slander. Not surprised though.

    • Rivka says:

      This debate was very interested but I had a problem with the fact that Dr Brown refuted Tovia’s claims without him being there. Where can I access the unedited tapes?

      • Servant says:

        The YouTube link to the debate was broken for a while. I have not been maintaining this blog for a few years. The audio segment from the radio program is about a previous debate that was not published, as requested by Tovia. The YouTube link to the public debate from many years ago has been fixed above.

  3. Anonymous2 says:

    “Truth is on the side of the followers of Jesus”
    Is this your determination or has some pope or saint in history declared this claim?
    If this is what you base your integrity on, then no wonder the Jews tear strips from christians in these such debates.

    • Servant says:

      Hi, I see the link was broken & clearly your comment would not be so presumptuous if you actually listened to the debate with Tovia from many years ago. No wonder rabbis don’t want to debate Dr Brown anymore.

  4. Were is the audio of the debate?

    • Servant says:

      The YouTube link has been fixed for the public debate that has happened (I recommend you listen to it). The previous debate was not published at Tovia’s request. This is discussed in the audio segment from the radio program.

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