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Was America ever a Christian nation? Is the clear departure from the biblical worldview in America all bad news, or is there hope? …and what about the world-wide gospel picture?

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  1. For some reason I get a bit of a “V For Vendetta” feel from this. Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith, that kind of thing.
    Your favorite stubborn atheist

    • Servant says:

      Vendetta against? Faith is also something everyone with a worldview has – even secular rulers in the past had some deep convictions … what makes that different & implicitly better / “more benign” than Christian faith? People twist things at times, like the popes did, but that is more a function of how people are than how e.g. Christianity really is. The dark desires seek to twist things – even scripture … but at some point the Bible should start reading you instead of the other way around. When it illuminates your nature sufficiently, it would then be obvious folly to try or want to twist things. …don’t know if that made any sense to you. 🙂

      • “V For Vendetta” is a movie… it’s about a totalitarian regime that based on religious principles has completely restrained the population, all under the slogan of standing strong against threats from abroad. If you haven’t seen it, you really should, it’s quite well-made in my opinion.
        Of course everyone has his own worldview, that’s what makes us human. There is no reason to say that a secular worldview is implicitly “better”, and that’s not what I meant. The moment where one worldview, be it christian or other, starts dominating and restricting other views, that’s the moment you have a problem though, in my idea.
        When you say the secular worldview isn’t necessarily better, you must also admit that the christian view isn’t necessarily better. I have no issues with either, as long as they coexist and don’t seek to convert or rule the other.

        • Servant says:

          People cannot be coerced into this – for more than one reason. We agree there.

          I think you try and influence your friends & family with what you think is in their best interest also. If you don’t, that would be a rather negative & selfish trait don’t you think? You want the best for them I’d hope & therein is the motivation of the sincere & honest evangelist … as well as even maybe the “new atheist” – like Dawkins maybe? So either the Christian evangelist or Dawkins is wrong, but it could be that they are both sincerely seeking the best for others as they see things work. Notice that this has no direct bearing on truth thus far, just motivation & the nobility thereof in influencing or ‘converting’ others – even only converting them to your point of view … or somewhere closer to what you believe to be true.

          Thus I argue that seeking to ‘convert’ / influence is natural & to be expected & what actually matters is truth – because that we can truly unite behind … so how would you know what is “the truth”? 🙂 (hope you’re not post-modern – they don’t believe in truth apparently, truly. :-))

        • Servant says:

          My latest post “europe is committing societal euthenasia” illustrates why I don’t think all views are equivalent – morally, or otherwise – even in just plain economics. The true growth in societies may just have been in the period that Christianity was the dominant influence. I can think of Britain & USA there. Now both are abandoning Christianity in large numbers – the equal & proportional decline I see then makes sense to me. My view is just that, you can argue against it or laugh at it, but I’m sure there is truth there – whether plainly evident or not. Also, even more counter to typical secular reasoning – the more nations turn against Israel, the more they will suffer. God decreed it would be that way. Many have said the simplest proof that God exists is stated in one word – Israel. Why does antisemitism exist? Are Jews really that horrible as a people group? No. No good reason. Study it. No way to make sense of it. Even some people groups that have never met a single Jew grow up with hatred against them. …and then the fact that the prophetic “the desert shall bloom” literally came true, just like many other prophecies. Israel is a clear leader in farming in the desert – totally amazing. The accomplishments they have achieved are just not natural – the number of total Jewish population vs the number of Nobel prizes they received etc. This is a big topic, and only those that look into it more see the full extent thereof.

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