pro-choice abortion = murder = death penalty. 180.

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How many people care about the fate of the unborn? VERY FEW. Audio elaborates. Make sure you see & share the video at the bottom.

Pictures speak louder than words in this case… and sometimes more shocking pictures are necessary to wake us up, but these are mild.

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The “180” Movie – Murder of the weak & defenceless.
Abortion. 50 million abortions have occurred to date; the “American Holocaust”. Within days, “180” had over half a million views on YouTube.

180 Movie Preview : Pro-Choice to Pro-Life . . . in Seconds!

Full 180 Movie (publicly available on YouTube)

“180” The full Interview with Alicia …and how this interview was a ‘strange coincidence’ in her life.

  1. totsymae1011 says:

    Ummm…I’m not drawing the comparison between the acts of Adolf Hitler and abortion. Making an analogy of the mindset of Hitler and a mother who has been raped, or say, a 12-year old girl who has been molested doesn’t register with me. I think for pro-lifers, there is still this blanket decision for an unplanned pregnancy, no matter what. How can you ask the parents of a 12 year old girl to allow their daughter, who has been sexually assaulted, to continue a pregnancy? Hitler committed crimes of humanity that affected the world. Do you honestly believe a family in the situation I described is an equal comparison to Hitler?

    • Servant says:

      The holocaust comparison doesn’t fully work, but isn’t far fetched either. Here’s why: Eugenics was a system that stated who was valued members of society that could remain living & produce offspring. Now we have a 3 trimester system that determines ‘right to life’ as well. It’s not about whether the mother is Hitler it’s about whether the action in question is murder or not. As mentioned in the video, how does adding murder to rape make it morally better? Sure – there is much evil in the world, but maybe it’s just convenient to choose the rape example since it seems the most likely to be justified by popular culture … but how many abortions happen for that reason anyway?

      Like the average German back then, we have millions of murders happening on our watch, but somehow it seems justified – the elephant in the room doesn’t exist & the sonars better not tell their stories – if the “pro-choice”-ers (or “pro-death”-ers?) have their way.

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