04-02-11 jewish apologetics > invitation for debate with tovia singer – 01min

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Line of Fire Radio

…notice the hatred (or something bordering close to it) in the comments below…

Response from commentator:
“I really don’t see how you could even remotely infer that there is hatred in the above written words”

… the hatred isn’t necessarily towards me (the author), but there is clear hatred towards the Word of God in the written & human form (John 1).

Incidentally, if “the Word as a person” sounds heretical I refer you to the Jewish Encyclopedia’s article (e.g. the section “Personification of the Word”) on the Memra.

  1. Andrea says:

    I was just wondering what this is about. I am perceiving that you are asking Tovia Singer to debate you. But, in a debate there is a winner and a loser and if you already believe that he is wrong then how is that a debate? My understanding of “debate” is both sides to an issue come together and present their logical well thought out and presented “points’ and then whoever makes the strongest case using logic and reason wins. Obviously this would not be possible with you as you are being illogical and unreasonable in your inability to look rationally at the the tremendous amount of truth from the HEBREW SCRIPTURES WHICH ARE THE ONLY INFALLIBLE WRITINGS PROVEN THROUGH THE DISCOVERIES OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS and the most glaring PROOF that the HEBREW TANAKH is the only inerrant word from on HIGH that exists to day is the survival of the JEWISH PEOPLE over the past 4000 years.

  2. Andrea says:

    in other words the Christian bible (it is not a NEW TESTAMENT because the Lord never changes and would never revoke His Covenant with the JEWISH PEOPLE) the CHRISTIAN BIBLE is not a valid determiner of anything as the writings and teachings that might have been written about the events that occurred when the JEWISH RABBI JOSHUA (this is the correct translation of that persons name as JESUS is not even a JEWISH name so of course that rabbi’s name would NOT NOT NOT have been “JESUS” this is one rational point of which debaters that he was the messiah refuse to open their minds to) The Christian Bible if it ever was “divinely inspired” that “divine inspiration” would be totally null and void because human beings (men) changed and corrupted the writings..they are not holy or divinely inspired or true as these corruptions happened and nulliifed any truth that might have been able to have been found before the corruptions…….

  3. andreaross18 says:

    I really don’t see how you could even remotely infer that there is hatred in the above written words…sorry there is no hatred only truth and the truth obviously hurts i guess.. the truth should make people glad that it is finally out there that the jewish messiah has not come yet..should be liberating and should cause all of humanity to breathe a collective sigh and realize how it is that this planet is on a collision course with destruction that can be turned around if only people would reconsider what they believe, realize it is untrue and make tshuvah or repent and turn back to the ONE TRUE G_D OF ISRAEL..I am not jewish but an ex christian who realized that “JESUS” is not the messiah, is not G-d in human form, did not die as a human sacrifice for the sins of humanity, was not born of a virgin, is not part of a three faceted G-dhead, that the whole so-called New Testament is a book of corruption and lies and has been grossly misinterpreted as it is understood today. When written i am sure there was truth in the words but those words were never meant to have been taken literally as the “JESUS” narrative is a metaphor for elevating the human soul to higher level…(please study to kabbalah to understand what I mean by that) ty

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